Are you a mother willing to improve your digital skills or start your own businesses?

You are in the right place!

We are 8 experienced partners across Europe piloting an innovative digital and entrepreneurship skills development programme which aims to involve 1050 young mothers caring for children.

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About Mommypreneurs

Mommypreneurs is an international project which aims to strengthen skills of young inactive women on maternity leave or caring for children, to equip them with new digital and/or entrepreneurship skills to improve their potential in re-entering the labour market or start their own business.

Over two years 1050 young mothers in 7 EU countries (Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain)  will take part in 2 month training programs. The training will be provided by the professional and certified trainers. Most important, during the whole training program there will be free of charge child care services for the participants!

After the program young mothers will not only have new skills and motivation, but will be connected with relevant company networks, employers, local businesses, investors, mentors to gain useful contacts for future employment and to help their business grow.

What we offer?

Digital skills trainings

For whom?

Women who are willing to provide digital services as freelancers or work in ICT companies.


Free 2 month in class and online digital skills training program (such as Web design or eCommerce.)


After the program women will be able to become self-employed or be more competitive and have better career prospects as employees of traditional business.

Entrepreneurship trainings

For whom?

Women who are willing to start a business.


Free 2 month in class and online entrepreneurship training program (topics to be covered include  value proposition, marketing, sales, finance).


After the program women will be able to develop business ideas, launch start-ups, and Commercialise products/services.

Project takes place in 7 EU countries:

Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain and is financed by EEA grants.

Am I the right candidate?

  • Do you see a problem you are able to solve and see a niche in a market?
  • Been baking for years but never got to show those yummy cupcakes beyond a family table?
  • Have you always wanted to learn digital skills but never had an opportunity to do it?
  • Willing to control your own time and work on your own terms?
  • How about joining a network of likeminded mommies?

Recognise yourself?

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Why are we doing this?

Despite positive trends, there is still a significant pay gap between men and women. Many recent research indicates that the gap is often caused by the maternity leave – this phenomenon is also known as “motherhood wage penalty”.

Maternity leave makes women more likely to “drop-out” of the labour market or “freeze” their career development. This adds to the youth unemployment as many young women find it hard to keep or find a job after childbirth and maternity leave.

Over 7% of women lose their jobs due to pregnancy each year, 45% suffer some sort of financial loss and 50% are less likely to be promoted. “Motherhood wage penalty” ranges from 5% to 25% across EU countries.

Our consortium believes that a significant pay gap could be
mitigated by women acquiring:
  • Entrepreneurship skills and becoming a self-employed
  • Highly demanded IT skills and re-entering the labour market being more skilled and confident

Therefore, we developed high-quality training programs which will be provided to the most motivated women free of charge.

Project partners

Project funded by

With the new EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway aim to support measures that promote youth employment across Europe.

The EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 are set up to contribute to the reduction of social and economic disparities in Europe as well as to encourage partnership collaboration within the 15 beneficiary countries of the EEA and Norway Grants, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

The EEA and Norway Grants Fund allocated €60 million for Youth Employment transnational project initiatives. The target group of the Fund is young people between 15 and 29 years old.

Project implemented by

Kalys Solutions LTD




Startup Division


University of LODZ


Madan Parque


University Stefan cel Mare of Suceava


Cloud Incubator HUB